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bathtime {emily}

Emily has always loved the bath. She loves kicking, splashing and soaking whoever is helping her! Now she sits up and continuously stands up, a little scary! She is nearly 10 months old and on the verge of walking.

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Welcome Emily, we’ve been waiting for you :)

Once upon a time we were friends in high school. Through our early twenties we lost touch. Then one hot June day, we both happened to have our students at a Goldeyes game. I saw Jeff across the masses of hot, sweaty adolescents and called his name to say hello. We talked briefly and continued on with our students. That was it. No, not as in the rest is history, we lived happily ever after, as in I didn’t hear from him! Eventually, after a few emails and some chatter over msn messenger we had a dinner date. In December. Late December. Six months later! Now, the rest is history. Some dating, some co-habitating (just me, Jeff and the revolving door of single or divorced male roomates!) a mountain top proposal and then a December 2010 wedding! And now, here I sit typing this first Scarcello blog post with one hand because I can’t bear to put down our baby (ok, she won’t let me, she’ll wake up if I do. But I don’t mind that one bit. I know it won’t last). She is everything we have ever wanted and more. Better than in our dreams. She is perfection.

I am blogging to document our family for us. I know the details of these memories may fade and I want to hang on to them as long as I can. Plus, a year away from my class and student blogs? Get serious. I need to redirect that digital energy somewhere! Maybe you would like to share our blog experience and watch us grow, we would love it if you did. You can check back once in a while to see our updates or you can subscribe by email to our posts so that you are notified when there is something new to see. To do this, click on the “click me!” button along the right side and enter your email address.

Emily Elaine Dent Scarcello was born on April 6th, 2012 at 4:33am. She weighed 7lbs 6oz and was 20 inches long. We were both surprised when the doctors announced she was a girl. We were fairly convinced with the Scarcello line of boys and the way she stuck out straight in front of me that Emily would be Lloyd or Floyd or Freddy or Eddie (if Jeff had naming rights)! We love our little girl to bits and are so excited to watch her grow and learn.



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