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Baby Travel {family adventures}


Night number 2 sleeping in the stroller. GATE CHECK YOUR STROLLER!

Recently we went on our first family vacation by airplane to Phoenix, AZ. We chose to drive across the border to Grand Forks and fly from there because the flights were significantly cheaper. Lots of people from Winnipeg drive and fly all the time. What could go wrong?!? Famous last question…

Long story short, we were supposed to leave Sunday evening but we arrived Tuesday evening. Initially a blizzard was the issue but planes started flying in and out and we continued to wait. And wait. With a baby. Thank goodness she is a total trooper. Lucky for us we had a friend’s family to stay with. On the second night there were so many people stranded the Red Cross opened the Alerus Centre with cots for people to sleep. Some people slept at the airport. NIGHTMARE! Once we got there, things went very well (aside from the SNOW. In Phoenix). But really, we had a great time.


Walking laps while we wait. Making friends with co-passengers in hopes they will be understanding later when it is hours past bedtime! Worked 🙂

While planning and prepping to fly with Emily for the first time I did a lot of pinning and research on what I should pack to make the travel as successful as possible. I compiled the variety of travel checklists I found into one that worked for us and since I got many ideas online I thought I should give back and post my list. The list –> Family Travel Check List General


Also, here is my baby travel board on Pinterest. Some pins are for future, non-baby travel as well.

Happy trails!


We made it! Sun hat finally required.


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