One of Those Moments

This week we took our first family road trip and drove to Kenora together. The drive out was a small disaster and took us about double what it should have because we didn’t drive on Emily’s schedule. Big mistake! Once we got there, everything was good. Emily liked the fresh lake air and all the attention from her cousins!
I had one of those warm and fuzzy moments when we took Emily to the beach for her first dip in the lake. We probably looked a little ridiculous as I had Emily in her Baby Bjorn, in our bathing suits with a rain umbrella protecting us from the sun. No longer is it a “quick swim” and a run down to the beach!! I dangled her feet in the water and she didn’t get mad so we took her a little deeper. Still happy! Finally I took her out of the Bjorn and dipped her right in to her armpits. Happy! Maybe because it was a billion degrees out and she was as sweltering hot as the rest of us?
Once the swim was done, the sun was lower in the sky and it wasn’t quite so hot. I lay her down on the towel to get dressed but just let her “air dry” (sans diaper) for a bit. She seemed happy so I let her play about. The warm and fuzzy part was when Jeff laid down beside her and she rolled around in delight. I love a few things about all this. Love that we are a little family and simple things like laying in the shade at the beach are memories. Love that Jeff is so in love with Emily and wants to be a part of all the stages of her life. Love those moments when Jeff and Emily lock eyes and smile at each other. Warm and fuzzy.





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