You Know You’re a Parent When…{poop}

Something new that parenthood has brought to our lives was totally unexpected. We talk about poop a lot.

“Did she poop?”

“I think she pooped”

“Maybe her tummy hurts, she hasn’t pooped”

“What colour was it?”

“It’s black?”

“It’s seedy”

“It’s green/yellow/brown…”

“WOW! That’s a big poop!”

“There’s poop on that shirt”

“I know that face, she’s pooping”

“I think her diaper is leaking. Oh shit, it’s poop”

“She pooped AGAIN?”

I knew Emily would poop and it would be kinda gross but I just didn’t know we would have to think and talk about it quite this much. Jeff didn’t expect to be pooped on. It seems Emily saves these special occasions just for Jeff. Perhaps it’s because she gets such a great and dramatic reaction out of him! We call these incidents “projectile poo”. Twice now, Jeff has been changing Emily and she has literally shot poop 4 or so feet. Jeff gives a yelp and I come running. When your husband has the baby and yelps “oh my god, ahh, ooh, oh my god. Leslie – I need help!” you run. The first time I thought she had fallen off the change table or something. Nope, she had just let loose a stream of poop that was running down the wall! I laughed hard and took a picture. Jeff was not laughing, he was dry heaving in the bathroom – some poop had hit his hand.

Similarly, the second time, Jeff was changing Emily and mid-change she shot it like a water pistol, this time hitting the kitchen cupboard! Jeff hollers, I come running and snap!

Maybe it’s the volume of poop situations a mom at home deals with versus a dad who is working that makes poop and puke events “normal”? It’s not that I haven’t been pooped on, we have had a few public poo situations, they just seem like a part of daily life now! I will admit, I would also give a little scream if poo shot across the room šŸ™‚



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3 responses to “You Know You’re a Parent When…{poop}

  1. April Haight

    Just wait and see how life changes if they DON’T poop…..seriously it’s all we talk about in this house and now blame everything on not pooping!

  2. Leah

    Wow. Those photos should be rated PA (parents only!). They are hilarious!!!

  3. Janet

    That is SO funny. I am glad I missed that one.

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