There She Grows Again {one month}

We can hardly believe it has been one month since Emily joined our world. It feels like she has been here for a looong time. Maybe that is because time is stretched out when you aren’t sleeping. So instead of a day consisting of 16-ish waking hours, it’s more like 20. So each day is like a day and a half. Add it all together and it feels like forever?!

I saw a couple of very neat ideas on pinterest for documenting growing children. One is here in a photo style, one is here in a scrapbook style and the other is here in an audio style (LOVE the QR code idea. We will do that later on:). If you don’t already know pinterest, get to know it. It is the best. It really helps me fill the middle of the night feeding and rocking time!

So my spin on the “20 Questions Birthday Q+A” is a Monthly Q+A with Emily S. We will do the interview style Q+A when Emily is older (and able to answer question – that should be about 10 months, right?!). We are a week late with the post because I had to think up the questions and create the form. Again, this would have been a 45 minute teacher job. This means it’s a week-long mom job. I am quickly learning that my estimates on how long things will take needs some serious adjusting. It will not take 45 minutes to feed, burp, dress and calm Emily into her carseat as well as make myself presentable and get out the door. Add an hour. That is the new rule.

So here is our documentation of Month One and Emily’s 1 Month photo. It has been an amazing ride. Click on the image to zoom in.




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2 responses to “There She Grows Again {one month}

  1. Linda Morfopoulos

    I love reading your blog. I SO understand your love of your first child! I love Emily and I have never met her. You make her so real to all of us via the posts and photos!

  2. Tracy Rocke

    Love it!

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