It’s a good day! I am blogging in the daytime, automatically a good day. I slept for a chunk of four and a half hours last night and then a second chunk of two hours. In my pre-mom life, this sounds like hell! But now it sounds dreamy, literally.

Today we went for a stroll with some other moms and babes. It makes sense why moms hang out with other moms for so many reasons. The primary reason is understanding.

Other moms don’t mind when your baby is screaming and you are letting them cry it out a little. Sometimes its the only option, we are almost home and I can help you stop crying when we get there. We were a group of 5 moms and six kids today so at most points in the morning, someone was crying. Moms just talk louder. I don’t feel stressed when Emily cries around other moms because they (probably) get it and (probably) don’t mind. I am not as stressed about being annoying and an inconvenience.

Other moms understand that things take longer with babies. Sometimes much longer. But it’s better to take a long time to get out for a walk and to stop along the way than to stay cooped up inside feeling frumpy.

And of course, other moms with babies are free during the day!

So the combination of “more” sleep, sunshine, exercise, fresh air and good company makes this a good day. We will see what tomorrow brings!



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One response to “Strollin’

  1. Tracy Rocke

    So enjoyed it too for all the same reasons! Hope we can do it again. And for the record, Addison took her first nap at 1pm (unheard of) and only for 45 minutes (ouch!) but went to bed fine at 5pm. So far so good…hope all the other babes sleep very well for their mommies tonight:)

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