There She Grows!

Once again, I find myself with a little blogging time only because it is the middle of the night and my little e-machine prefers not to be put down. Also, she slept for about 4 hours straight so I feel refreshed even though it is 3 am! This time I type with two hands, or rather two thumbs because there is an app for that! The WordPress app on my phone! Thank heavens for my iPhone. Any smartphone would do I am sure, my preference is iPhone.
I like to be organized and productive. It bugs me to not be getting something done and my to do list constantly runs through my head when I am awake at night, waiting or sitting idle somewhere. Well, being a new family has been an adjustment in many ways but one big one is getting used to being awake at night, waiting and sitting idle! And when your arms are full of baby perfection there isn’t always the option to be productive! This. Makes. Me. Crazy. I constantly tell myself to enjoy these moments that she wants to be held and I am. At least I am getting better at it. I wonder how people/moms did it before there were smartphones? I mean the time while she is sleeping in my arms and won’t be put down or that precious pumping time :). At least with my phone I can feel somewhat productive!
I love the newborn phase of baby. So tiny and squishy. Sleepy and cuddly. It makes me panic slightly that she is growing and that we are past three weeks already. At the same time, it gets a bit easier with each day that passes and she gets older. She sleeps a little longer, screams a little less in the car and fits into more than just sleepers! When we were up this time to feed I changed her diaper and we were out of newborn diapers upstairs. I tried a size 1 and it didn’t fall off! Bitter sweet. There is a very small pile of 2 or 3 newborn sleepers that are too short. Bitter sweet. My mom friends tell me that each stage will bring great new experiences and aspects of babyhood to love. I believe them and look forward to Emily smiling and meaning it instead of farting (how can such a big sound come out of such a little thing – his makes me smile). Or when she will know what hands are and use them to reach out and touch my face instead of sporadically flailing and scratching me with those hard to cut nails/razor blades. But I will certainly miss her cuddled up on my chests as she is at this moment :).
I really am enjoying the moments and letting go of controlling my time and productivity. This is big for a teacher – letting go of control. Especially this teacher. If I am in control I know what will happen. There is no knowing now. I might go a whole day, or more, without getting something done on my list. Yes, there really is a list, many lists. I keep them on my trusty iPhone in notes. Very handy.
I will continue loving this newborn stage while it lasts. I think I will keep using those newborn diapers a little longer so I can keep us in this phase. And I will continue to let my lists sit untouched so i can enjoy the baby perfection in my arms. The birds are starting to sing, that means it is 4am! In my non-mom life I had no idea the birds started singing at 4. Today they started a little earlier, in the 3’s. Probably because it had just stopped raining. Maybe in the next phase I will get to blog during the day!



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  1. Erin Sheldon

    You are right to enjoy every moment you have to cuddle Emily. As frustrating as is it to not be able to sleep, you will look back and miss those cuddles and be thankful for that time. If you have another child, you won’t have the same amount of quality cuddles. I’ve really realized that with the twins. As for your list not getting done, it will all eventually get done, just now there’s something more precious to pay attention to. If you’re fortunate enough to have help, don’t be afraid to ask for it and also allow for some you time, not just checking things off the list. It sounds like things are going pretty well though. Enjoy!

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