365 of My Mat Leave

#365ofmymatleave fully enjoying my new bathtub! This is what started the three months of renos :) 11/365#marchphotoaday my view of my #feet vs. an out-stretched arms view of my #feet! 39+ weeks pregnant.#365ofmymatleave 10/365 best veg burger in town with my little friend Callie and @aprilhaight#365ofmymatleave  9/365 visit with two of my fave teacher friends and the gorgeous orchid they brought!!Almost a baby mobile, can you tell?#365ofmymatleave day of unpacking the house and an early birthday present rug from @jddent and special helper Sarah
#365ofmymatleave watching Abby win the gold medal in Winnipeg!#365ofmymatleave spring break pedi with @erinbrie :)Installed!I am lucky to have @jddent, my eager helper who lets me be the 'instructions reader' and 'peg passer'Here we go again! Bookshelves this time, with @jddent
My little friend for the afternoon :)#365ofmymatleave 4/365 making treats for our class 'hello-goodbye' party tomorrow:)Finally got the pancake mix to make @scarce the breakfast that was meant for Monday! Just trying to start the year off with him thinking my being at home is a great idea:)"Anything + sprinkles* = better" *especially ball sprinkles :)A perfect addition to the nursery. Thanks @livirae and @walstra :)#365ofmymatleave an progress packed day 2 - cooking on the new stove, new windows and electrical progress, nursery chalk board paint project and a re-organized closet by @jddent!
Out with the foggy, ugly old and in with the new! #marchphotoaday #beforeandafterBreakfast number two ... Mine!Breakfast for @jscarce! It was supposed to be pancakes on the new stove but...no pancake mix. Shoot. I tried.Daffodils are slowly emerging!Waving goodbye to Jeff as he leaves for work and I don't have to. First day of mat leave (or pre-mat leave)! #365ofmymatleave#marchphotoaday just a little behind. Not many clouds in the sky today! Gorgeous out!

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